Shadow Play

Traditionally, shadow work is considered heavy, dark, emotional, and difficult, Cindy Lou puts a new spin on it through a collection of practices and playful techniques that make it Shadow Play not work. This fun approach to becoming more you is energizing and enlivening. In addition to experiencing shadow play insight and new ways of being, we will learn techniques to support you in translating insights into sustainable, enduring change. Through regular Shadow Play you can experience an enhanced quality of life.

Learn to engage practices to support you in experiencing more of who you truly are. Learn to let go of limitations and beliefs that are blocking you from living more freely and fully.

Shadow Play Offerings

Join us for an 8-week webinar series                              $350.00

This 8-week course includes a Zoom call each week, Shadow Play exercises to practice during the week, as well as an online interactive community. This course is a great way to learn and sample a variety of Shadow Play techniques. There will be opportunities for live Question and Answers sessions and demonstrations. To add your name to the wait list for the next training, email

Upcoming in-person weekend workshop                         

This weekend training will give you the opportunity to learn and enjoy Shadow Play in a live, in person experience. We will learn multiple Shadow Play techniques that will support you in practicing beyond the workshop weekend. You will learn how to use Shadow Play to enhance your quality of life.

One-on-one customized Shadow Play training              $3,500.00

If you are interested in a customized, private Shadow Play experience over a four month period, email to apply.

Life Coaching and Leadership Coaching

A one-on-one coaching program is a powerful way to support yourself in experiencing more of what you want. One-on-one packages are customized, and include a minimum of 8 one-hour phone sessions with Dr. Golin. A variety of techniques, methods, and tools are used to support you in living your heartfelt dreams. Sessions occur a minimum of every two weeks with action steps and practices occurring between calls.

Instructional Design Services

If you’d like to create your own personal growth or leadership development program, Cindy Lou offers curriculum and instructional design services to support you in launching your unique customized offering. There are a variety of formats, including workshops, in-person classroom series, web-based training, spa-focused, and multi-modal virtual learning. Contact Cindy Lou for a complimentary consultation and a customized quote.

Other Programs

Contact Cindy Lou for information on additional packages and programming, including corporate leadership coaching, spiritual guidance, dreamwork, and shadow work.


To find out more about programs and offerings

contact Cindy Lou at: or call (310) 776-1313