About Dr. Golin


Dr. Cindy Lou Golin is a Life Coach and Leadership Coach with over 15 years of experience in the field of personal and spiritual growth. She offers an eclectic and expansive repertoire of techniques designed to support you in living even more of your hearts desires.

Dr. Golin has coached a wide variety of clients, including lawyers, actors, Olympic athletes, professional athletes, entrepreneurs, CEOs, spiritual teachers, yoga teachers, TV producers, medical professionals, ministers, coaches, therapists, professors, educators, writers, artists, designers, fitness trainers, aerial artists, and parents.

In addition to coaching, Dr. Golin facilitates workshops, corporate trainings, works with small business owners, and she is an instructional designer. She has taught graduate school courses on Shadow and Integral Theory and Practice. She is a certified Fire Walk instructor and is founder of Reel Discovery, a program that teaches and facilitates the process of movie-going as a personal growth practice. Cindy Lou is faculty in the Integral Facilitator program at Ten Directions.

She has graduate degrees and certificates in Clinical Psychology, Counseling Psychology, Spiritual Psychology, Transpersonal Psychology, Creative Expression, Soul-Centered Leadership, and Spiritual Guidance.

What others have said:

For your “relationship woes” schedule a session with Cindy Lou Golin, PhD

Travel and Leisure Magazine

“Cindy Lou Golin… puts the mind in mind/body like no one else we’ve met… ”

Luxury Spa Finder Magazine

“Cindy Lou Golin and her work are both wonderful gifts.”                   

Roger Walsh, Professor

University of California, Irvine

“Dr. Cindy Lou Golin shares a wonderful combination of humor, authenticity, and depth. She has the ability to see through surface level concerns and supports people in seeing the magnificence of who they really are. Her openness, willingness, and acceptance provides a healing environment for her clients. Through overcoming her own obstacles and challenges, she has a wealth of experience to share with others. I would recommend her highly as a coach for those seeking personal growth and transformation. “

Ron Hulnick

President, University of Santa Monica

"Dr. Cindy Lou Golin is someone whose transcendent coaching and consulting I have recommended to people in the past and will continue to recommend in the future. She is the perfect combination of a deeply educated, highly trained teacher and a powerfully generous listener. Rare in this world. If you have a chance to work with her, do NOT pass that chance up."

Steve Chandler

Author, Reinventing Yourself

“Cindy Lou Golin is a knowledgeable, insightful, and compassionate facilitator and coach. She has a wide range of skills, and has done deep study and practice in several key disciplines. The breadth of her practice and understanding of all this makes her work with individuals and groups unique and powerful.”

Sally Kempton

Spiritual teacher, author, and columnist for Yoga Journal

“Dr. Golin is one of those rare individuals whose mind is as brilliant as her heart is caring.  She is skilled at listening and draws from a wealth of personal experiences, training, and theoretical knowledge.”

Licia Rester-Frazee

Faculty, University of Santa Monica

Writer, Creos Company

“It is a rare privileged to be coached by the likes of Cindy Lou. She will lead you any place you want to go in your personal or professional development ....”

Diane Musho Hamilton Sensei, M.A.

Facilitator, Mediator

"Cindy Lou is an indispensable guide in the work and play of being human. I have personally been the beneficiary of her insight, and recommend others to seek her counsel

and aid."                                                                                                                Stuart Davis

Singer/Songwriter, stuartdavis.com

“Cindy Lou got me results faster than any other life coach I’ve seen… Besides being one of the most qualified life coaches in the industry, getting coaching from Cindy Lou was a fun

and pleasurable experience. I highly recommend her.”                                      James Roche

“The Info Product Guy”, Marketing Consultant

"Innovative, creative, light-hearted, effective, accepting. These are just a few of the words that come to mind when I think about coaching with Cindy Lou. I would recommend her to anyone, knowing that they would likely get what they came for, and probably much more."

Jordan Gruber, J.D., M.A.

Founder & CEO, Enlightenment.Com

“Cindy Lou Golin has a wonderful ability to focus attention and uncover blocks while retaining a playful sense of humor.  She has helped me articulate clear goals, and ensured I didn't get sidetracked by my resistance. With her encouragement and support, I've been

achieving the results I want.”                                                                    Robert Mitchell, PhD

“My work with Dr. Golin has been so transformational that after just two sessions my mother asked me if I started taking medication.”

Anonymous Client

Contact Cindy Lou at:  cindylougolin@yahoo.com or call (310) 776-1313